Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Another journey on the bus to nowhere, winding through the apocalyptic landscape of post industrial Ayrshire in the company of collected WHOORS, NEDS and DRUNKARDS who are all, THANK FUCK, having their lives turned around by attending college three days a week so that they can, after further education, better resume careers as WHOORS, NEDS and DRUNKARDS. The bus takes a long time, not just because it has to avoid the tumbleweed and burned out Ford Fiestas but because each passenger has a sackload of medical prosthetics, crutches, zimmer frames, or hugely expensive buggies for the single mothers' vicious children en route to the creches where they spell rude words in apphabet bricks while their mothers plan their next impregnation. Of course it's not all like that. Is it? YES IT FUCKING IS. It's time for anyone with a bit of intelligence,work ethic or sense of responsibility to man the lifeboats folks. THE SCUM ARE TAKING OVER. They're colonising us and the big laugh is we're paying for their upkeep while they DO IT. i KNOW i KNOW I can hear you say and I really want to agree with you that for every non-educated DOLEHOUND and SCRUBBER there are honest working class people looking for a chance to get a job and get on but when's the last time you met one? There arenae any in my street anyway.

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