Thursday, 20 August 2009


Saddo as I fucking am, doomed to lurk alone about the fringes of Ayrshire surely the borders of Hell, I visit, courtesy of Aryshire Public libraries, ethe blog sites of others hanging themselves out to dry in cyber space and I came across- via Shug a man I have cause and history to respect and love, a whole group of people who atthe drop of a fucking hat seem prepared to expose theirb very souls to people they have never clapped eyeballs upon ,peoploe who come via their photographs with a perfect grin but when it comes to it who the fuck are they and why do they deserve your most private fears and dreams? At least when I indulged in group therapy i had to in order to preserve my state benefits or get out of jail that bit sooner.


  1. Vinnie! One may smile, and smile, and be a villain. Nothing wrong with a little variety, and you could have chosen any one of 57 today.
    Were your experiences inside so very terrible? You must tell me one day.
    And where's that cup o' kindness you bloody Scots keep on singing about?

  2. Oops, forgot. It's obviously all Shug's fault.

  3. ah sorry I'm a bitter old bastard. No offence to you at all, it sounds like you had an awful time.

  4. Wasn't looking for an apology, just a laugh!

  5. It has been a bit weird (the last couple of days) and every time someone writes something about 'sharing' in the comments I feel a bit uncomfortable (to say the least).

    But I still wrote something. And I don't regret it. Not yet anyway. It's just the next thing.