Friday, 21 August 2009


i went to poetry school once, you know, though I didn't graduate.

John Barr

I have 3 tapes of John Barr
his growling voice
drowning the jukebox

in the pub. He thought his
story worth recording,
and it was.

Whether cutting Bob Hope to size,
or leading the world’s greatest
buffet car scam, John had class.

If he had a thirst,
he had a humanity twice as big.
If he was a casualty,

it was in the way we all are
when we sit and
think properly about life.

Put simply:
John Barr reminded a lot of us
of best reasons we’re alive:

and there’s a gap
we can't fill with words now
though we’ll try.


  1. Is that John barr that came from Hamilton?

    I like this, why dye settle on the 3 line thing, tho?
    Also do you become a casualty when you sit and think about life, or when you realise you can't do anything about the bloody thing?

    It's good. It's a good memorial. You given it to his son? You should.

  2. is this about john barr whisky?? one of the finest cooking whiskys on the gantry